Parsol Ultra Grey Venus

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Tinted glass is created by adding appropriate components that cause the coloration of molten glass during the process of production. The color intensity of tinted glass depends on the thickness of the glass. Tinted glass gains additional aesthetic value ​​and sun protection properties due to its coloring.

It is characterized by an extremely intense black color and very low light transmission of 10%. It is darker than the Dark Grey glass that is available on our website.

The original illumination effect makes Parsol Ultra Grey Venus glass ideal for bathroom arrangements. It can also serve as an element of furniture such as glass cabinets or built-in furniture.

Manufacturers: Saint-Gobain Building Glass Polska Available thicknesses: 4 - 6 mm Parsol Ultra Grey Venus

Available dimensions:

4 mm
  • 3210x2000
6 mm
  • 3210x2000
8 mm
  • 3210x2000

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