Mirropane Chrome

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Pilkington Mirropane Chrome is highly reflective coated glass. Thanks to its moisture-resistant coating it combines reliability with a shiny appearance and excellent corrosion resistance.

This type of glass can be tempered and laminated, so it is widely used in places with increased safety requirements.

It works perfectly in rooms with high humidity, in glass mullion systems, commercial refrigerators, shower cabins, large-format mirrors, hotel bars and lobbies, indoor swimming pools, internal glazing, spa and hot springs as well as banks and police stations.

Manufacturers: PILKINGTON Polska Sp. z o.o. Available thicknesses: 4 - 8 mm Mirropane Chrome

Available dimensions:

4 mm
  • 3210x2250
6 mm
  • 3210x2250
8 mm
  • 3210x2250

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