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Laminated glass (VSG) belongs to the so-called safety glass. It consists of two or more panes joined together by means of one or more specialized PVB films. The elements are combined through lamination process under vacuum at high temperatures. Depending on the set and the number and thickness of individual glass panes and films, laminated glass with different parameters is produced. This type of glass makes it possible to meet various security needs at different levels. Laminated glass owes its properties to the unique production process in which the layers are glued together with durable laminate (PVB).

Laminated glass is widely used in the construction and architecture industries, including balustrades, roofing and partitions.

We offer a variety of types of this kind of glass in various sizes and with varying degrees of durability: from classic ones, protecting against injury, to more durable protective and anti-burglary variants.

We only sell laminated glass sheets that meet all the relevant guidelines for their production and standards in terms of their parameters. We are sure that the glass we offer will work great in many different industries and that it will remain intact during proper processing.

Manufacturers: PILKINGTON Polska Sp. z o.o. (Optiwhite) Available thicknesses: 33.1 - 44.1 Extra white

Available dimensions:

  • 3210x2250
  • 3210x2250

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