Recruitment Process


In “Wutkowski” the recruitment process is realised in few steps. They include the Canditates’ job offer response and, in some cases, practical verification of the qualifications declared in the CV.


Step One

Is made by the Candidate, who after getting familiar with the job offers, sends us his CV to


Step Two

Is analising and selecting process made by our recruiters. We analise all of the application letters and on their basis we choose the ones that fit the best to the concrete position.


Step Three

Means to contact with the chosen group of Candidates by phone. Its purpose is to discuss information presented in the CV and verify some of the qualification, such as foreign languages knowlegde.


Step Four

Which is meeting with the Candidate in our company. Person responsible for the recruitment process takes part in the meeting, as well as the respresentative of the department to which the recruitment is dedicated. While the meeting all of the information drawn in the CV are verified, such as: Candidate’s experience, his education and certificates. In case of recruitation for a specialist, there might be a practical test of particular subject.


Job interview is also a great opportunity for the Candidate to meet us and our company!


Step Five

In case of key account positions, the Candidate is invited to a second meeting in our company. This is mostly a meeting in which a particular department Director or Board Member takes part in.


Step Six


Which means…


Con gratulations! You have just become a part of the “Wutkowski” company team!


If, however, we do not decide to offer you a position, we will make sure that everyone who spent his time for a meeting with us in our compnay is informed.     


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