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Planilaque COLOR-IT


SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION is a lacquered glass; intensive color of it is obtained by applying highly protective enamel coating on the back surface of the glass and after that hardening in high temperature.

Manufacturer: Saint- Gobain


Lacquered glass SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION combines depth of the paint with the effect of the glass shine. It is used for interior decoration where the color emphasizes qualities of the room. SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION is recommended as wall cladding in service outlets and public buildings such as hotels, shops, museums, cinemas, theaters and private houses. It is also used as an element of furniture, cabinets. What is new is the use of SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION as a whiteboard. Such use saves space in the room. Glass is the best material to write on and it is easy to be kept clean.


  • Compliance with modern interior design – gloss of SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION enhances colors when being under the influence of light, which allows for a wide range of applications in the designing walls and furniture. This material revives and illuminates the room.
  • Ideal, durable finishing – applying lacquer on the back surface of the glass sheet protects the laquer from damage and ensures durability of color SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION. Glossy shine of lacquered glass is definitely more intensive.
  • Resistance to humidity – composition of lacquer applied to SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION allows to use it in rooms with higher humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Environmental protection – SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION helps to maintain healthy, unpolluted environment. It conforms to the highest norm standards* considering emission of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC).
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