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Wide offer and on-time-delivery is our domain.

We offer hundreds of  types of glass; our current stock holds couple of thousands tons of glass for various purposes. It guarantees our customers comfort of cooperation in the context of delivery time and the diversity of products. We owe specially equipped vehicles as an addition to our wholesale department; such vehicles ensure proper protection of products as well as problem-free delivery to an indicated address.

We provide packaging for customers ordering products that vary in size and quantity.

We serve retail customers, wholesale companies and processing plants.

We invite you to cooperate and get acquainted with our catalog of products.

Please be advised that the availability of product in our stock  can change every day, so after getting familiar with our offer, please contact the customer service office for verification.

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Wholesale Order Realization Department

Dorota Gierszewska
Tel.: +48 (52) 33 40 811
Tel. kom.: +48 693 656 562

Ilona Stosik
Tel.: +48 (52) 33 40 819
Tel. kom.:+48 606 324 064

Sales Representative

Mariusz Domachowski
Tel. kom.: +48 694 728 379

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